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HOKIANGA COAST - Tourist Information

The Hokianga Coast is a wonderful place where you can find different activities to do during your stay. Our coast is untapped by commercial activity, so tourists can get away from hectic lifestyles and pretend they are on a deserted island, while mingling with the locals.
Local guides will be glad to point out Pa (Maori village/ fort) and other historic sites. Activities such as swimming with dolphins, horse treks, hunting, fishing, glow-worm caving, diving and boating trips can be organized.
If you are interested, do not hesitate in contacting us for more information.

Hokianga Harbour: This beautiful harbour is the spot where Kupe & Maori first set foot on New Zealand. Rich with history and Maori culture, with a non-commercial feel to it. The sand dunes are a fantastic day out for tourists to sand board down the huge dunes into water or simply relax on the golden sand beach.

Ngawha Springs: These Geothermal pools have over 20 minerals in their pools. Maori recognized its potential centuries ago and Hone Heke used the pools as his hospital during the Wars between European and Maori, as the pools soothe and rapidly repair everything from open wounds to bruises; they also treat acne, arthritis, cancer, etc... There is a mixture of pools separated by heat and colour: greens, blacks and whites, depending on what minerals are in the water. You can either soak in the extremely hot & black "Bulldog" or the luke warm Milky way (probably the closest anyone could imagine it was like to be Cleopatra bathing in warm milk!)

Limestone Caves: Go trekking with a guide through these magnificent caves full of huge stalagmites & stalactites. They are enriched with NZ wildlife including glow worms, fresh water crayfish and tuna (eel). These caves are like standing in the darkest night with the clearest blanket of stars you will ever experience! Absolutely exhilarating...

Waipoua Forest: Traveling through this mighty forest is like traveling through a scene of a fictional movie. Gigantic breathtaking Kauri trees engulf the surreal, peaceful scenery of native New Zealand.
The oldest Kauri tree in the World is situated next to the Hokianga Coast in the Waipoua Forest, along with the biggest Kauri trees.

Kai Iwi Lakes: Fresh water with sandy white bottoms; where else in the world do you get a place like this? A fantastic place to camp for a few days or week. Not only for tourists, but Kiwis fleeing the busy city work life.


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