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Maori Flax Kete (Flax Basket)

Baskets (kete) are woven from New Zealand flax (Phormium tenax). The Greek word phormium means basket, an item that Māori traditionally wove from flax. Kete have a host of uses, from storing food to carrying sacred cloaks and greenstone. A fine weave known as kete whakairo is highly regarded because of the skill and knowledge of the craftsperson. Weaving also has a spiritual aspect – an ancient Polynesian belief, shared by Māori, holds that artists are mediums through which the gods create.


Price : Large $80 - Click Here to Order
Small - $60.00 - Click Here to Order

Baskets : Oval and Round

Price $40 - Click Here to Order

Note : The Flax Kite are hand crafted in Hokianga, Aotearoa & will not always be exact replicas of the items shown.

5 Litre $70.00
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20 Litre $220.00
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100 Litre $1000.00
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1000 Litre $6000.00
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