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Philosophy & Commitments

§ Philosophy §

Often we have to look at the past to find and relinquish clues that will help resolve today's problems. Modern man is beginning to rediscover the benefits of seaweed, which have been known for centuries. Indeed, seaweed was used by the ancient Greeks, Chinese, Vikings and Maori to enhance soil fertility, as well as health of their crops and animals. The 1960 era gave birth to a barrage of synthetic compounds which now dominate agriculture; and the excessive use of chemical fertilisers, herbicides and insecticides have attributed to a slow death of our soils. Unfortunately 30 years on, we realise that many of these products have a death grip on agricultural practices. On the contrary, with an organic seaweed-based product we bring back the past to use as a foundation on which to build our future by using a gift from Tangaroa ~ God of the Sea!

Naturally Organic is a New Zealand company committed to sustainable development and to the protection of the planet. We try to use the best elements given by nature to help improve our health thanks to a sustainable agricultural development and the protection of the environment. UGROW gathers all the necessary characteristics to be used as a multi-purpose solution. Therefore, people using it do not need to use chemical products that contaminate the soils, and contaminate by consequence everything that grows in and on the soil like plants, animals. But ultimately for the protection of the planet, people and future generations.

Healthy Soil + Healthy Plants = Healthy People
§ Commitments §
  • Protection of the environment

As being a company promoting organic product, the protection of the environment is one of our main concern. As everybody knows, the use of chemical products is very harmful and contributes to jeopardize the future of our planet. Therefore, we promote the use of organic and eco-friendly products and we strongly encourage people to have the appropriate behaviour to foster a sustainable development. We would love people to be more conscious of their options in their daily situations to help contribute to the survival of our Planet.

  • Employment

The Hokianga area has the highest unemployment rate of the country. Indeed, with the construction of our eco-factory and the development of our activities, we could propose new jobs, helping solve our problem.
Through our website, we would like to attract people to the Hokianga region and help them discover all the fantastic activities, historic places and landscapes it offers; this will help promote more jobs to local people.

Help us to Save the World ... Use Organic Products!


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