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  • Soil Conditioner
  • Pest & Disease Deterrent
  • Fruit & Flower Enhancer
  • Plant Food
  • Animal Mineral Supplement
  • PH Balance

Soils & Seedlings
Pest & Disease

Soil Conditioner

  • Healthy Soils+ Healthy Plants = Healthy People
  • Promotes microbial activity and natural irrigation
  • Works extremely well in sandy soil
Way of use: Apply to soil before you have planted.
1 part mix to 25 to 50 (max) parts H2O. 5 to 10 litres of THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP per hectare
Seed germination
Way of use: Soak overnight before planting. 1 part mix to 200 parts H2O.
Way of Use: 2 to 3 weekly intervals after planting. 1 part mix to 50 to 100 (max) H2O.

"For as long as I can remember, Council have closed our rugby fields at the business end of the season (winter). We tried irrigating our fields and we were still having to give away home advantage for the following three seasons. On the fourth year, we applied 7 litres of THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP on our two fields. Although our fields are in dire-need of another application, the fields have not been closed since. I suspect that THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP has increased the microbial activity in the soil, resulting in natural irrigation of excess water. After applying THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP, I asked some of our more established club members (who were playing touch rugby over the summer season) how our fields were looking; their response was that when they played in other modules they were coming away with grazes, whereas our fields were lush and cudioned their falls!"

Rose Beckham, President of Hora-Hora Rugby Football Club, Whangarei

"THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP improved our green so much, this year Northland Bowls President announced we had the best green in Northland & neighbouring club Opononi held their club champs here!"

Keith McGrath, Green Keeper, Waimamaku Bowling Club 2006-07. RIP Old Mate.

Pest & Disease deterrent

  • Increases immunity systems of plants which helps fight against pest & diseases
  • Prevents white fly, blight, brown and black spots, curly leaf, etc...
Way of use: Apply to the foliage, the plant will get a foliar feed while soaking up any wastage through its roots.
1 part mix to 20 H2O. 5 to 10 litres of THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP per hectare


  • Increases shelf life
  • Bigger produce
  • Less to no deformities
  • Prevents white fly, blight, etc...
Way of use: Approx 8 days before planting and every 3 weeks prior to harvest.
1 part mix to 25 to 50 (max) H2O. 5 to 10 litres of THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP per hectare.
"After fertilising with a popular fertiliser my garden lost all its nutrient value, I came across THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP and within a couple of  weeks it replaced all the nutrients that were lacking in my garden, while  providing unbelievable growth rates, size and better taste. I have noticed the pest and disease are not prevalent like white fly, snails and blight. It is proving to increase my flowering of fruit and vege."

Darrin Pearce, Whau Valley

Fruit trees

  • Multi budding trees
  • Larger crop
  • Better taste
  • Increases shelf life
  • Prevents brown spot and curly leaf
Way of Use: Every week at the beginning of season, for 7 weeks.
1 part mix to 25 to 100 (max) H2O. 5 to 10 litres of THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP per hectare
"I applied THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP to my fruit trees and had a lot larger crop than usual, plus my curly leaf which has been a long-term problem in our area, disappeared. As well as this, my fruit was a lot tastier."

Paul Hansen, Otaika Valley Road, Whangarei


  • Promotes multi budding.
  • Provides sturdier stems.
  • Increases shelf life
  • Helps prevent rust, black spot
Way of use: At planting at every 2 to 3 weeks until harvesting.
1 part mix to 50 to 100 (max) H2O. 10 litres of THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP per hectare
"I purchased my orchid producing property 9 months ago and in the opinion of one of Northlands top orchid growers, my plants were not healthy (he even adviced one of his friend not to buy it). I started to apply the THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP seaweed fertiliser to the leaves and 6 months later, when the same grower came to view the property as a neighbour, he stated the plants were looking really heatlhy and whatever growing practice I had changed, I should stick to, as I was in for a very good season. The only thing I had done differently from the previous owner was to use the seaweed fertiliser and I will continue to do so.
The reason I looked into using an Organic fertiliser, besides the fact it is a NZ product, was because I was not prepared to dress up like a spaceman every time I was to spray my plants; probably the best decision I have made."

Brian Cates, Flower Grower & Exporter, Whangarei


Benefit: Helps prevent sour rot & frost damage

Way of use: Before and during sprouting and during blossom sprays.
1 part mix to 20 to 100 (max) H2O. 10 litres of THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP per hectare
"Because of high traces of Gibberellin in Hokianga Seaweed; grapes will naturally have thicker skins and the rachis will lengthen, leaving plenty of room for the grape to grow without bunching-forming deformities and splitting, which then causes sour rot".

Professor John Clearwater, Researcher for NZ Grape and Wine Industry

Home Gardens

Benefit: Multi purposes growing product

Way of use: Spray on an overcast or late afternoon, so you don't burn your plants from the sun (through magnified water drops).
1 cap (10 mls) to 1 litre of H2O (1 to 100) or 2 caps (1 to 50)


  • Promotes microbial activity, double bladed grass, broader grass leaf, thicker and tastier hay.
  • Animals love the taste, which will help eradicate weeds or kykuya grass.
  • Animals will be eating healthy grass which will give them a mineral boost.
Way of use: Apply in Spring or Autumn before frosts or rains. Also in summer just before you lock up the hay paddock or if you need help to get through a drought.
1 part mix to 25 to 100 (max) parts H2O. 5 to 10 litres of THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP per hectare

"The 1st time we used THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP we did a trial against a very popular liquid fert we had been using - which we were pretty happy with. We now apply THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP on its own (3x per year) & have had to up our stock numbers to cater for all the grass! THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP has promoted a heap of clover & we have never planted clover - Yet its everywhere!! Our stock are a lot healthier than they have ever been & our ewes lambed at 175%! I swear by THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP!"

John Holland, Main Rd, ST Hway 1, Kaitaia

"I applied 1000 Ltrs of THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP to my clay hills at a rate of 5 Ltrs per Ha. The response was awesome & real thick with red clover, to the extent that my hills were out doing my flats! The diference is real noticeable & this year the flats will be getting it too. Animal drenching is practically non existent now with new stock arriving to the property the only time I have to reach for my gun. A real cheap alternative to conventional fert at a fraction of the price. Im wrapped!"

Willy MacIntyre, MacIntyre Rd, Kawakawa, Northland

"I've used THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP on my sheep & beef farm since 2006. Clover & pasture coverage has improved every year. Cattle are more settled & are quite content rummaging around for a feed when a paddock gets low - instead of bellowing at the gate every time they hear the bike. Stock temperament has improved, which helps with easy calving among everything else!
When mixed with thistle spray, at a reduced rate of poison, I have had safer, cheaper & excellent results."

Mike Stephens, Tangi Valley Farm, Tangiteroria, Northland.

Animal Health Supplement

Benefit: Helps prevent grass staggers, bloat, facial eczema and even calving troubles
Way of use: Add to water troughs

Oral drench - Mineral boost
Benefit: Clears up copper & mineral deficiencies
Way of use: Add to water troughs
1 part mix to 20 parts H2O.

Directions of Use: Store in shade. Shake well before use & Just add water!
Application rates: More frequently beats more Quantity

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